New Management Structure at Gomde California

There are three (3) overall management areas with existing subareas nesting under the direction of one person or director. The three directors will work as a team in managing Gomde’s operations, programs, and long-term development in a cohesive manner. Current managers of particular areas will serve under each overall director, but will still retain most of their responsibilities. Each manager will work closely with and report to the director in their area. See attached Matrix with current staffing and volunteers by main areas, and subareas. Joanne Brion also serves as Treasurer for the organization; Ryan Damron serves as Vice President and Board Member, and Rhonda LoPresti serves as Board Member.

  1. Gomde Director: Joanne Brion

Gomde Director oversees managing all staff and volunteers that live on the land, and other volunteers such as housekeeping. Management areas of responsibility include:

  • Finance and Administration, which includes Insurance, Legal, Corp documents
  • Land and Building Management/ Maintenance, furnishings, design, and equipment
  • Ratna Shop – inventor, shop during summer and weekend retreats, and online shop
  • Master Plan and Long Range Planning
  • Kitchen and Cooks – large seminars, summer programs, and weekend retreats
  • Personal Retreats
  1. Development and Publicity Director: Rhonda LoPresti

Development and Publicity Director oversees all aspects of communications, branding, messaging, advertising, outreach, and fundraising for projects and on-going operations. Management areas of responsibility include Fund Raising and Development:

  • Marketing, Branding and Messaging
  • Capital Campaign Development, and Fundraising
  • Communications and Advertising
  • Membership Development
  1. Programs, Education and Practice Director: Ryan Damron

The Program Director is the liaison with the international Sangha, RYI, and Nepal Sangha. Management areas of responsibility include:

  • Seminars and Programs, including Children’s Programs
  • Dharmachakra Translation Committee (DTC) – Translation Training program
  • Buddhist Studies Program
  • Study Weekends and Practice Weekends
  • Website, Audio Visual and Archiving, which includes archiving and video/audio production.

Click here for our Management Matrix document.

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