Gomde Dk Newsletter April 2016

Dear Sangha and friends of Gomde,
Gomde in spring sunThe spring sun has broken through the clouds and Gomde lies bathed in sunshine and early flowers. The first months of the year have been rich in possibilities for receiving teachings and doing practice together. Now we enter a period with fewer planned activities; a prime time for individual retreats and for attending to the maintenance of our buildings and facilities.
News from Gomde


Farewell to Lama Drubgyu Tendar

Lama Drubgyu TendarLama Tendar, who has been teaching at Gomde for the past three months, is now back in Nepal, where he stays at the Asura cave and ensures the management of the Ka-Nying monastery’s temple and retreat facilities there. The Asura cave is specially blessed by Padmasambhavas presence, and is according to Lama Tendar a perfect place to do retreat.

Lama Tendar’s visit to Gomde has been a great gift. Not only is his knowledge of Buddha’s Dharma very rich; he is also a wonderful, humble and thorough teacher. We sincerely hope he will return as soon as possible to give more teachings. The Rangjung Yeshe Sangha association and the Rangdjung Yeshe Foundation have on behalf of the whole sangha sent a letter of thanks to Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and the monastery in Nepal, in which we also request this. You can read the letter here.

Easter courses with Erik Pema Kunsang

Erik Pema KunsangThe day after Lama Tendar’s departure for Nepal, a 7-day programme with Erik Pema Kunsang began. Here Erik passed on an honest, loving and natural approach to meditation with a limitless potential, under the headline “Wild and Open Heart”. According to Erik, these teachings are a condensation of everything he has learned from over 100 masters, and especially from Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. More than 100 people participated in the programme.

At Gomde we are very grateful that Erik passes on the Dharma in Danish, and helps us make practice and understanding more natural and simple.

Practice at Gomde

Green Tara Sadhana practice group
The practice group starts up again on Thursday 7 April at 4 p.m. After the practice there is dinner for those who wish to participate. We serve soup or salad, and you are welcome to bring bread or something else to share. To register, please write to bernicetilly@gmail.com the day before at latest.
Saturday meditation
Every Saturday (apart from when courses are being held), whoever is staying at Gomde and visitors from outside gather together for meditation practice. Everyone is welcome! The meditation practice is from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., and afterwards there is coffee/tea and an opportunity to chat with the other participants. If you want to be sure that there is Saturday practice on a given day, you can contact Knud first on tel. 28 90 07 79.
Work weekend on 22-24 April

Join us on 22-24 April to carry out maintenance work at Gomde. We will be making shelves, taking care of the garden and doing various repair jobs. There will also be time for morning and evening practice. Accommodation and meals are free of charge for all participants.

The weekend starts Friday afternoon/evening and ends Sunday with lunch. To register, please send an email to bernicetilly@gmail.com by 20 April at the latest.
Seminars and Events


Summer camp 2016 with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

NB: Register before 1st May to benefit from the early bird discount.
25-29 June 2016: “Meditation – Compassionate Insight”
In this seminar, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche will explain what meditation is in the Buddhist tradition and point out the path of practice. In practical meditation sessions Rinpoche will give direct instructions so that participants are guided in an authentic manner. This seminar is for everyone. Read more or register here.
29 June – 3 July: “The Nature of Mind”
The teachings on the nature of mind are at the heart of the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition. By realizing the nature of mind, countless practitioners from all walks of life have gained liberation and awakening. This seminar builds on the foundation laid during the Meditation Seminar. Here Rinpoche will continue teaching on meditation, this time focusing on realizing the nature of mind. Further information and registration here.

Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to write to us at gomde@gomde.dkVery best wishes,

Gomde Denmark


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