Different ways to support Gomde Germany – Austria

Seminar- sub

If you are planning to visit more than one seminar in Gomde, this might be just the perfect offer for you.
For 500 Euros you can now purchase transferable vouchers for 6 short seminars, excluding the seminars with the Rinpoches. mail@gomde.eu


We want everybody to be able to spent time in Gomde for practice and study.
Therefor our Seminars are donation based and have a guide value that you can orientate on.
If you don´t have much monetary resources, but still want to support Gomde in the best way possible, you can simply contribute by helping in Gomde.
For every day you spent helping out in Gomde you can stay one day in personal retreat.
For 2 days of assistance, you can take part in one day of a seminar (excluding Rinpoche´s Seminars). For a complete weekend seminar we hope for 4 days of helping out. mail@gomde.eu

Donate your time

Everybody has the chance to accumulate merit and experience the joyful activity in Gomde. We want to give everybody the opportunity to contribute to the blossoming of Gomde as a seat of the Dharma and thereby benefit all sentient beings.
You are very much to come to Gomde at any time, even if it´s just for a few hours. We are looking forward to your input! mail@gomde.eu


There is still the opportunity to live in Gomde as a volunteer.
For 6 hours of help a day, 6 days a week you can live, eat and join the group meditations in Gomde.
The length of the stay will be individually arranged between Gomde and the volunteer.
If you are interested, please contact us in advance: nanda@gomde.eu

Supporting from home

You can also support Gomde from Home. Gomde is full of tasks, many of them can be done from afar. Please contact us if and in what way you would like to contribute. mail@gomde.eu
You can also use this time for your time-sub.

Friends of Gomde

You can also donate a monthly or a one time payment to Gomde. Please contact us friends@gomde.eu

Pay a Part

Gomde is made out of countless parts. A Lhakang is not just a Lhakang, but consist of many things; insulation, heating, wood, light bulb, etc. mail@gomde.eu
On our Facebook page and in the newsletter we will soon give you the opportunity to fund certain items that are used in the construction in Gomde.

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