Building Retreat Cabins in Scotland

Wonderful news!

Gomde Scotland got planning permission for all existing buildings on the land: the Lhakang, Rinpoche’s cabin, the monks’ hut, the kitchen and Lama lounge near the lake, the cosy Sangha workshop and solitary retreat hut. We also have Outline Planning Permission for a new temple, a sangha house with communal facilities and additional retreat cabins.

We are in the exciting new phase of building 8 new retreat cabins, with 14 individual meditation rooms.

We start on 6 April, Guru Rinpoche Day. We also start the preparations for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche’s visit on 18 June. If any one would like to come and help we urgently need you!

There are many ways you can join it:

  • Contribute with your skills, time and love: volunteer your services.
  • Make the karmic connection: sponsor a cabin or one square meter. Building costs are £1000 per sqm.
  •  Become a Friend and make monthly donations, or make a one-off donation to help feed the volunteers.
  •  Time-share a retreat cabin £5,000 for a lifelong, months use per year
  • Contribute by monthly installments of £100 for 5 years
  • Special rates for couples and flexible options in cabin styles
  • You can have multiple months and donate your time to others
  • Accumulate time, if you don’t use this year stay two months the next
  • Book your preferred time and cabin each year for added flexibility

Please visit the web site for more information:

Gomde Scotland

Gomde Trust
Scottish Charity SC040361
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