Gomde Scotland

A place for people to practice meditation in simplicity, peace and solitude.


Gomde Scotland provides an secluded, peaceful retreat environment for the practice of meditation. The 50 acres of beautiful Highland woodland owned by Gomde, has been granted planning permission for the existing buildings and the development of a meditation centre. The first step is to build 8 retreat cabins, which will provide 14 inspiring meditation spaces. Later we have outline permission for a Temple, Sangha house and more small log cabins.

These individual wooden cabins will make Gomde Scotland ideal if you want to do an individual retreat and spend some time in solitude. Alternatively, if you want to keep a practice schedule, while also contributing you skills and time to the development of Gomde, or you are working on a Dharma project; this is a perfect place. You are also welcome to join the daily meditation practice and prayers held in the little Tibetan shrine room near the lake, which is filled with blessings and sunlight.

The unique feature of Gomde Scotland is the purpose built and specially designed cabins. They are scattered in the secluded glades and meadows or tucked within the woodland. Some are off – grid, solo huts idea for a strict, intensive retreat. The more spacious log cabins are perfect if you are practicing with a friend or need access to modern facilities. They are warm, comfortable and cosy. They all have a kitchen, bathroom, terrace, wood stove and big south facing window. They are self catering and equipped with all you need, from cutlery and cups to a small shrine.


Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche is the spiritual head; he is also the Abbot of one of the largest monasteries in Nepal. He heads an accredited university and online meditation programmes. Rinpoche stresses that to really experience the benefits of these teachings, you need to both study and practice. Gomde Scotland’s special activity is to support meditation practice in a natural, secluded and blessed environment. The main group practice is based on the Chokling Tersar Lineage, which is part of the non sectarian Vajrayana or “Tibetan” Buddhist tradition.


Like a dream, a magical illusion or a rainbow in the sky, the way Gomde Woodland Hermitage in Scotland came into being seems like a miracle. The land is hidden and secluded, but with open views over the surrounding hills and sky. It has a small lake, open meadows, and over 40,000 trees with over 25 varieties such as oak, juniper and cherry. There are ancient mossy glades and many tall Scots pines. Peaceful and perfect for meditation practice and long contemplative walks.


Gomde Scotland is located between Inverness and Findhorn Bay, an area known for its good weather, clear skies and varied countryside. Close by are rugged hills, wild river ravines, and white sandy beaches. There are many castles, standing stones and historical monuments and (of course) it is guarded by the Loch Ness Monster!

It is within easy access of Inverness Airport, which is less than 20 minutes away. It is on a public train and bus transport route between Inverness and Aberdeen; Edinburgh and Glasgow. The local farm shop and bus stop are within easy walking distance and close by as are hospitals, supermarkets, shops and organic farms (which all deliver directly to your retreat hut!).

Other Charitable Activities

Gomde Trust was registered as a Scottish Charity in March 2009 with four principal aims to provide public benefit through Religion and Philosophy, Protection of the Environment, Promotion of Health, and Relief of Poverty. There are many important and beneficial links made by Gomde Trust between the East and the West. Financial and technical support helps people in countries like Nepal to rebuild and improve their lives, reducing physical suffering. In return, people in our modern and mentally stressful world can benefit from the tried and tested methods of meditation and find ways to be healthier and happier.


The best way to contact us is by email at: info@gomdescotland.org

or Snail Mail to:
Gomde Trust
Adam Drive
Moray, Scotland, IV36 2JN
Tel 0778 453 1420
or  0131 208 2884

If you would like to visit Gomde, please contact us for directions. Gomde is not open to the general public, please make a prior appointment to visit, except if you are volunteering during work programs or attending public events and teachings. Thank you!

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