Gomde UK’s new Environmental Initiatives

In tune with the season, we have just concluded our Woodland Work Retreat.
We planted new park land trees, thinned out trees to comply with our Higher Level Stewardship management agreement and, due to auspicious coincidence, processed the felled trees for firewood for the winter of 2015-16!

Log Gasification Project
As many of you are aware, we have plans for a log fired boiler which will heat the house and buildings. This environmentally friendly project is an amazing investment as it will save Gomde many thousands of pounds over the coming years due to the following:
* the fuel is ‘free’ as we will sustainably harvest the wood on the estate
* we will no longer have to buy expensive oil for the boiler currently £3-4,000 per annum. Over the 20 years of the governement agreement this adds up to around £80,000.  In addition we will be eligible for a substantial 20 year grant from the government worth around £200,000.
The boiler will also increase our self-sufficiency and is considerably more environmentally friendly than oil!We would like to purchase the boiler in the very immediate future as the government grants are set to be reduced in January. The cost of the boiler, including installation, is approximately £30,000.It is clear that this is an amazingly worthwhile investment which has benefits on many levels.
If you would like to help bring this plan into reality through  a donation or private loan please contact us at national@gomde.org or send a donation direct by clicking here.
We wish you all the best of the season.
May our kindness increase, our meanness become insubstantial and our minds be tamed, thereby may we benefit countless beings.
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