A one day conference, Saturday 8th October 2016, showcasing the work of the Lindholme Old Moor Management (LOMM) group. LOMM group was set up by Rangjung Yeshe UK, following the success of the Pete (Skid) Moor appeal and the subsequent purchase of 30 acres of SSI land, part of Lindholme Island.

The site purchased through the Pete (skid)Moor appeal, is the northern part of the Lindholme Island, which is a small fragment of peat moor on the edge of the glacial moraine (Lindholme island) in the centre of Hatfield Moors, whose original owners (Ethel and Jack Lyon) preserved the site from commercial peat cutting. The management group, whose focus is the restoration of the uncut peat bog, have been carrying out practical re-wetting and monitoring work over the past three years.

We will be providing, through workshops, a review of LOMM groups’ work. This includes the use of drone photography, detailed vegetation mapping, water level and rainfall monitoring, historic cartographic analysis, LIDAR analysis, peat depth gauging and various other ´less orthodox´ means of assessing groundwater levels and peat saturation.

Talks and workshops will also cover the wider context of LOMM Group’s work:
* the geology and formation of the peat moors and island moraine
* historic context – including the discovery of the Neolithic trackway, evidence of an ancient chapel and more recent history.
* Consideration of the wider environmental value of the moors and island
* Consideration of the interplay between ‘man’ and the environment including links to man’s spiritual quest and responsibility towards the environment.
* Buidling a sustainable community at Gomde, Lindholme

Given the range and depth of subjects covered and the significance of the area, the conference is likely to appeal to a wide variety of people- academics, those studying any related subject, those with an interest in local history, climate change and the environment as well as those interested in the scientific aspects of peatland habitat preservation and those with an interest in the development of an environmentally sustainable Buddhist community.

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