Three months visit of the nuns of Nagi Gompa

In addition to the incredibly auspicious circumstance that they will recite the wisdom section of the Kangyur (the words of the Buddha), they will also share four of the practices they specialize in.

The program is designed so that every weekend the nuns will hold seminars the practices then being deepened during the week by daily group sessions. Throughout their stay, the nuns will continuously recite the words of the Buddha, which you can just come and listen to and soak in the blessings.

The nuns’ schedule is as follows:

August 14-19 Chö practical seminar – become familiar with and learn how to do the practice of cutting through.
August 24-26 Tara Sadhana – deepen your practice together with our nuns
August 29 – September 5 Ngöndro -– intensive seminar on the preliminary practices
September is dedicated to the practice of Chö
October 3-10 Nyungne Fasting retreat
October 17-21 Tara Sadhana

Spend two weeks in September intensively devoting yourself to the practice of Chö and transforming your attachment into wisdom.

On the weekends of September 7-9, 14-16, and 21-23 we will study ad practice cutting through the ego. Then during the weekdays we will devote ourselves intensively to the practice.

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