Summerschool seminar 1: contemplation, work and engagement

Join us for the first ever seminar in “Gomde Højskole” – en series af summerschool seminars where you can deepen your knowledge and practice of meditation, yoga and Buddhist philosophy – and at the same time participate in an exploration of the meeting with Western values and ideas.

As mindfulness, meditation og Buddhism have become a strong factor in lifestyle and self-understanding for many in the West, this stream of culture must also begin to contribute and be in dialouge about how we handle the wild problems and opportunities of our time. We believe that Buddhist / contemplative summerschools in the Nordic “Folkehøjskole” model can open important windows into and out from “the meditation culture”.

We have been fortunate to be able to assemble a ”dream team” of teachers, facilitators and dialogues partners to give this project a flying start – including radio host Anders Laugesen (”Mennesker og Tro”), author and psychology professor Peter Elsass and the internationally renowned composer / singer / choir leader David Hykes.

SEMINAR 1: This is the first of the seminars in the summer of 2018. Its focus is the way that contemplative life can connect with an active life – studies, professional roles, NGO engagement to help others, work in the health sector, education, etc

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