A weekend with Padmasambhava

We will practice the “concise daily practice of Guru Rinpoche” together and will learn about this masters life, activities and the spiritual level of him.

Lama Thierry has been practicing and researching Guru Rinpoche for decades and one could say that he is a “Nr.1 fan”. He will be handing on his knowledge and his enthusiasm in his usual relaxed and easy going manner.

It is a great opportunity to get to know and gain deeper knowledge on a practice that Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche revered to like this:

“If you want just one practice and one single mantra, this daily meditation of Padmakra is sufficient. It does not matter if we can not do many different practices as all three Roots are within the Vajra Guru Mantra. Guru Rinpoche said this mantra fulfills all activities. That is not a lie.” Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

For more info: http://gomde.eu/eng/program_detail.php?id=383

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